Labor & Delivery: Curves

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Exercise / Weight Loss During Pregnancy

I recently joined Curves and then found out we are pregnant with our third child. I was in the process of losing the last 20 lbs from my last pregnancy and would like some feedback from other moms who have exercised during pregnancy and been able to keep weight gain at a more reasonable pace. Typical weight gain from other two pregnancies is about 35-45 pounds -- when I do the math from where I am now it's a scary number!

Home Birth

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Curves or a Gym?

I'm looking to start exersizing on a daily basis. I'm not a fan of walking a treadmill and I do have some knee issues and an abdominal hernia. My doctors says I need to do "something" but they don't really tell you what. Should I join a gym or Curves? or start at home? any ideas for simple exersizes I can do myself would be helpful. PS my daughter will be joining/starting too.


Health Clubs (Gyms)

I would like to know if anyone belongs to "Curves". I have alot of weight...