Labor & Delivery: Child, Puppets

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Should I Have an Amniocentesis??

I.M. asks from Los Angeles

I am 37 years old and just went through my 2nd trimester screening. Although my numbers came back "negative" and I tested out 1 in 400 for my chance of Down Syndrome,...


Am I a Bad Mom for Feeling like This?

S.M. asks from Austin

Ok I have 4 kids and am a stay at home mom. I feel burned out. How I feel though I don't think is good. I just got back on Friday from the coast with my husband jus...


I Need Craft/game Ideas for Daughter's 7 Year Old Birthday Party for 4-5 Kids

K.S. asks from Sacramento

I'm not going to do the big party this year, just a few kids and some parents. I would love to get ideas about some small crafts and games for a handful of kids 1st ...


How Do I Chose Between Two kids....very Worn Down

M.M. asks from Chicago

In a nut shell: I have 2 boys 13 and 4y/o. My 13 y/o has been difficult since day 1, never played alone, and always needed to be encouraged, always bucked when the go...


Another God Question

S.J. asks from St. Louis

Ok, so my last post got too long, so I am following up here. So many who responded earlier said I get to pick what I believe and one responder compared it to politic...


Toddler Overnight Stay??

M.D. asks from Columbus

My daughter is 2 years old, and she has never been away from home overnight. My husband thinks it is time for her to stay the night with her grandparents (giving us ...


Summer Plans with a Baby

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hello! Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms! I am a teacher who will have 2 months free this summer to hang out with my little guy. He'll be 9 months old i...