Labor & Delivery: Child

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"Must Haves" for Labor and Delivery

I am trying to figure out what I absolutely need to pack to take with me to the hospital and wonder what one thing did you take with you that you just ...



Hi, My name is S. and I moved from the Netherlands to America. I'm pregnant and...

Complicated Labor

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Hi I'm 3 centimeters dialated my dr doctor wants to induce me if the baby is not here by Monday how can I put my self into labor I only have one more c...


Labor AGAIN??

This may sound absolutely crazy...or not...But I am scared to death of giving bi...


Labor Process

I am a little anxious about the labor process and pain involved. Any advice wou...



I am trying to make a birth plan and I don't know what to think of getting an ep...

Home Birth

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Movie for a 5 Year Old

My 5 year old daughter and I both love dogs. I was thinking about taking her to either Marley and Me or Hotel for Dogs. Can anyone say if they're app...


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During Delivery...

So I am really nervous about the delivery to say the least. I really wanted to ask people not to come up to the hospital until after its over. My hus...


Choosing a Hospital

I live in Salem, MA, and I'm looking into doctors/hospitals in anticipation of m...


Choosing a Hospital

Is anyone familiar with St. John in Warren, is it a good place to deliver a baby...

Midwives & Doulas

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I am curious to find out how familiar people in our community are with a Labor Doula? Would you recommend or use one? What about Prenatal Massage Thera...


Midwife, Doula, or OB?

I am curious on the experiences moms out there have had with a midwife or doula....


Experience with Doula

Hi I am hiring a doula for my upcoming labor in a couple of weeks. What should I...



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Labor & Such

So I've been talking to a lot of moms lately and I seem to be seeing a trend. So I figured I'd see what you ladies had to say. How many of you ladie...


Inducing Labor

My dr suggested at 38 weeks they could "strip my membrane" to help induce labor....


Inducing Labor

I was induced to deliver my daughter 4 years ago, and it did not go well. I was...

Water Birth

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My first birth was a very long and painful induction, which resulted in an epidural ( something I was very strongly against before this ), I am doing a...


Home Waterbirth

I am having my first baby in April and I am interested in a home water birth. C...