Labor & Delivery: Albuterol

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Why Do I Have Rapid Palpitations When I Take My Albuterol and Advair

Was sent to the hospital by my Dr. and was given the Nebulizer treatment and my heart palpitations got worst and I was shaking and shivering, They wanted to keep me till the next day to give me more treatment but I refused and went home, but I still feel my heart beating fast. the Dr. that saw me said I can die if not treated this way, can that be true?

Home Birth

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My 6 Month Old Had Been Wheezing and Coughing Since Birth Need Some Advice

This is my third child, the first that I tried nursing. I had to stop nursing when he was a month old becuase he became very jondice and his bilirubin levels were a 9. He has had a terrible cough and wheezing since he was born. At a month his pediatrician placed him on a nebulizer machine with albuterol and pulmicort. These treatments have never worked for him but the doctor insists that I continue to admnister them. Just recently he was referred to a respitory specialist who scheduled him a follow up for six weeks. Every where we go we are...


Where to Birth

My original plan was to birth at home. I've changed my mind for a few...