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Money Saving Tips

K.S. asks from Savannah

I was curious if anyone had any money saving tips they practice to help with budget. For example since becoming a stay at home mom I've frequently shopped at stores s...


Money Saving Ideas

J.S. asks from St. Louis

OK, moms, I'm looking for some of your best money-saving ideas. My hubbie's business isn't going well, so our income is less than half than it was last year, so I'm ...


Do You Have Any Money Saving Tips?

M.L. asks from Minneapolis

I work full-time and my DH stays home with our daughter who has Cystic Fibrosis. He works about 15-25 hours a week at night, but would like to work less, but we need...


What's Everyone Doing to save Money

W.W. asks from San Francisco

I'm wondering what everyone's doing to save money. Tips on going grocery shopping, what are you cutting back on. I want to see if how else I would be able to save m...


How Can I Make More Money?

M.C. asks from Dallas

I work full-time monday through friday and make decent money with my company. The problem is i have a lot of debt from going through a divorce and starting completely...


How to Teach Gratefulness

K.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms... I'm having a problem with my almost four year old girl and would like to know if this is, a) typical of the age and b) what I can do to change it I lik...


When Making Kids Pay for Toys Do You Actually Take Money?

V.T. asks from Washington DC

So my daughter wanted Minecraft for the iPad. It's a $7 game. We told her that she would need to do chores around the house to earn the money. She did great. She ...


JFF - If You Found Money, Would You Turn It In?

A.H. asks from Canton

I saw a Facebook post that a friend (not too close) found $300 in a parking lot. I couldn't believe all the "likes" it got and the comments of people congratulating h...


SAHM Or Make Money for Yourself?

S.H. asks from Honolulu

My Hubby, has a work peer, that has a little mom and pop type store. He said that if I "worked" there, it would be a nice opportunity for me to make myself some mon...


How to save Money on Weekly Expenses

C.P. asks from Chicago

I'm desperate for ideas on how to save money on groceries and other weekly expenses, like cleaning products and household supplies... We eat mostly fresh produce, fre...