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Do I Expect Too Much from My Kiddo?

S.C. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is 5. It's just me and her (she sees her dad for 8hrs on sunday). She has a list of chores that she needs to do. Empty my lunchbox and hers, feed cat a...


How Much Allowance Do You Give Your Children ??

D.C. asks from Dallas

I have to admit my children 9 and 3 have not gotten an allowance so far.... I've never had one when I was little and so I don't have any idea how to go about it......


1St Birthday Party Activites for Kids

P.S. asks from Dallas

My sons first birthday is this May and I have no idea what kinds of activities to plan for the kids. I am brand new to planning kids parties.I really did not want to ...


Why Do Kids Seem to Not Have Fun at Their Birthday Party?

A.S. asks from Eugene

Have you noticed it too? With a 3 year old and 9 year old I see very different aged kids not having fun when my kids are the guests. All the guests are having a gr...


Child That Argues

C.M. asks from Billings

I need some help!!! I have an 8 year old son that wants to turn everything into an arguement with me. It doesnt matter what the subject is he will argue with me. My h...


Oh Help! How Can I Get My House Ready to Sell When I Have KIDS!!

K.K. asks from Erie

We have alot of possessions, mostly due to very generous relatives. I've been trying really really hard to get rid of a bunch of stuff, but it seems like any progress...


Why Always TWO Children? What's Wrong with Just One???

A.S. asks from Dallas

I'm a first time mom at age 44. I never thought I'd have children b/c of my age and then....Mr. Wonderful showed up! My little man is now 14 months old. I can't te...


My Kids STILL Wet the Bed!

S.C. asks from Killeen

My 5 yr old daughter and 6 yr old son still wet the bed. They are of course potty trained and have been for YEARS but they cant seem to control their bladders at nigh...


What Is Your Kid's Favorite Non-toy?

M.W. asks from Nashville

My 8 month old DD has plenty of toys. All sorts. The sad thing is she will spend 5-10 minutes playing with her various toys... then ditch them to play with OMG A POP ...


Move Out of Country or Not

C.V. asks from Grand Rapids

I have been with my husband for 18 yrs. We have three children aged 17, 15, & 12. My husband is from El Salvador and he has decided that it is time for him to move ...