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How to Throw a 3 Year Old a Birthday Party?

K.S. asks from Portland

I don't know how to throw my daughter her 3 year party (October 25th). The last two years have been close family only, and I was fine with that. But since my B-day ...


Your Money, Her Money, My Money, Our Money....

J.B. asks from Houston

This has probably been asked before and I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse, but another post this morning had me thinking. In your household is it his money/you...


Potty Trianing 3 Year Old Boy

L.E. asks from Dallas

Hello mom’s, I am desperate for help. I’ve been trying to potty train my 3 year old boy for some time now with NO success. I’ve tried every bribery method tha...



T.M. asks from Dallas

do u guys think $250 is eneough money for 4 kids food a week? Also not only food also gas,household supplies,etc.


Ideas for Keeping a 4 Year Old on the Couch After Surgery?

J.B. asks from Philadelphia

My 4-year old son is having surgery on his foot next week. For it to heal properly, he'll be in a cast for 6 weeks. For the first 3 weeks, he is not supposed to put...


4 Year Old Does Not Want to Attend Martial Arts Class

S.R. asks from Washington DC

my husband and i signed my 4 year old son up for a martial arts class because one of the babysitters kids does it and my son also wanted to do it. we thought that it ...


Which Learning Game System Do You like Best for a 4 Year Old?

H.L. asks from Chicago

We have an almost 4 year old daughter at home who is expecting a baby sister in the next week. We want to have the new baby get her a learning game system that my da...


Would You Spend the Money to Put Your Child a Yoga Class?

D.J. asks from Austin

Hi everyone. I am writing to get some advice about children's yoga. I am thinking about spending the money to pursue getting certified to be an RYT, specifically RY...


Do You "Sneak" Your 3 Year Old In?

D.B. asks from Los Angeles

We are planning to go to Legoland and Sea World next week, both of which have a "under 3 - free" policy. DD just turned 3 in June. She's average height and weight, ...


My 4 Year Old Son Tells Me His Pre-school Teacher Is Calling Him a Bad Boy

L.E. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, We just moved here and I started my 4 year old at a new pre-school. Last wednesday he told me that his teacher called him a bad boy. Yesterday he didn'...