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Anyone Hear Anything About Playtex Breastpumps?

I know that I have had overwhelming results saying Medella is the best and I have been researching the best price. At Target there is one for $129 but is not recommended for daily use so if I am going to get one, it will probably be the pricier ones. However I have come across one from Playtex that is new. Anyone know anything about this one??? Thanks everyone for your responses!

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Bottles: Which to Choose???

I'm trading in my Dr. Browns bottles for some BPA-free bottles but not sure what to get. I've hated the Dr. Browns from the start. They have too many parts! I'm getting them at BRU and I don't want anything fancy. My little one has had a lot of spit-up so I'm thinking vented is good. So that leaves me with Avent or Playtex Drop-Ins? Pros, Cons, anyone?? Anyone have any recommends?



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Playtex Ventaire Baby Bottles

I am breast feeding my daughter and i got a couple sets of PLAYTEX VENTAIRE BABY BOTTLES and was wondering if i could pump my breast milk into those bottles. if anyone has any idea please let me know. the question is driving my crazy even though she doesnt drink that many ounces right now i just need to know :)


Playtex Drop Ins

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