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Fisher Price Private Connection Monitor

I've had problems with my baby monitor since I bought it 6 months ago. The display on the monitor will just go blank for no reason whatsoever. Usually if I unplug it and wait a while it comes back. This time, it didn't. I tried to return it yesterday at Babies R Us and they wouldn't take it. We did purchase the buyer protection plan for $8.99 and I just learned it is worthless. It only covers the monitor if there has beena power surge. This is ridiculous! I plan to contact Fisher Price and see if they will help me. My point is, buy...

Earning Allowance

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Looking for Board Books

My son is way into Trucks at the moment, andI am wondering if anyone out there can recommend a good board book, lift the flap, etc for him to look at.


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Help! Fisher Price Cradle Swing Broken???

One of my girlfriends gave me her used Fisher Price Nature's Touch Cradle Swing. She used it for only one kid for the short amount of time that they can be used. The thing has been a lifesaver - it puts my little miss to sleep and/or keeps her calm and entertained without me having to hold her. We changed the batteries and they are new - the music plays and the mobile goes, but the swing can't seem to get started. I don't want to buy one b/c our baby is almost three months. Has anyone experienced this and found an easy fix???