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What Do You Spend on Groceries?

Just curious if my budget is way off the norm: We are a family of 5 (3 small ones) and I budget $450/month for groceries. I spend more at times, but I truly try to stay in that range. What do you spend? I'm tired of stressing about it and want an excuse to add more to the budget - Ha! I am a SAHM, so let me know if you are too to get an equal comparison (as working full-time - I always spent more). Thank you in advance!


Adult Child Issues

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become...

Understanding Money

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How to Manage Teen's Finances

Hi everyone...I have a son who is 16 1/2. He has his own bank account. Up until now I have made him SAVE half of all money he earned for a job, got for birthdays, or even his child support (which I receive from his father). The other half is HIS to spend on movies, eating out or whatever. Well now he has a car and must pay insurance, gas, my question is...I told him that the money in that account is for GAS or REPAIRS only...should I let him have the debit card all the time...or should he have to request access to his own...



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Work from Home

I would love to work at home from my computer. Any suggestions on where to look for a job?


What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really...