Keeping to a Budget: Preschooler

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3 Year Old and Preschool

J.F. asks from Nashville

My 3 year old just started a Montessori preschool 3 days per week (M-W) and he is home with a nanny he has had since he was born on Thursday and Friday. His older br...


Have You Pulled Your Child Out of Preschool Because of Finances?

T. asks from Phoenix

I was wondering if their are other families out there who are not able to send their kid(s) to preschool because you just can't afford it. If so, how does this make ...


What Kind of Dog to Get for 5 Year Olds and 3 Year Old.

M.W. asks from Boise

Hi Moms, I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out what kind of pet to get for my children. We asked the people at the pound what they suggested, and they ...


Great Vacation Ideas with a 1 and 4 Year Old

K.T. asks from New York

I'm looking for some great vacation ideas to go with my 2 children. I'm leaning toward some sort of national park vacation, but I don't know...Everything is tough wit...


Need Ideas for Keeping My 4 Year Old Occupied While I Work

A.N. asks from Las Vegas

I work from home and lately have had a huge amount of work, and it looks like it will be that way for a while. My son goes to preschool twice a week for 2.5 hours, bu...


Overweight 4 Year Old, Need Advice and Maybe Some Recipes!

S.F. asks from Clarksville

Hi Moms, I have a 4 year old daughter who has been overweight since she was 2. She was always a healthy eater, I never gave her junk but didn't deprive her of a few...


4 Year Old and Newborn Sharing a Room?

M.K. asks from Sheboygan

Our second baby is due at the end of September, at which time our daughter will be over 4 years old. She is very excited to be a big sister. We are debating whether...


Suggestions for 4 Year Old Birthday Party

J.H. asks from Billings

Hi, My daughter is turning 4 on April 1st, and has decided that she wants a dog themed birthday party. She will be inviting about 6 kids. Has anyone done a party li...



C.R. asks from Provo

I have a three almost four year old and I am trying to get him ready for preschool. He missed going to preschool his first year cause he wasn't potty trained in time....


Gift for 3 Year Old Boy

C.J. asks from Detroit

My son is about to have his 3rd birthday and for some reason I have no idea what to get him!! I feel very silly asking this question - since he is my 3rd child, it's...