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Seeking Recommendations for Physicians, Discount Stuff, Food Co-ops, Church

T.B. asks from Louisville

Hi! My name is T. and I just moved to Lousiville from Concord, NC. I am looking for doctors. I need a good cardiologist, an internal medicine or family physician, a p...


Kid Friendly Allergy Free Recipes

K.G. asks from Chicago

Help! Between my children and myself we're allergic to milk, peanut, pork, MSG and wheat has been questionable. Does anyone have suggestions for easy dinner recipes t...


Building My Own Shower Gift Basket

M.A. asks from Detroit

I'm building/creating my own baby shower gift basket for 2 different showers I have coming up. I'd like it to be elegant, nice, USEFUL, and most importantly, inexpen...


iPad 2 For Parents?

N.R. asks from Chicago

My siblings and I are thinking of going in on an iPad 2 for my parents. We have since been told we'd be better off getting the Kindle Fire because it has much of what...


Has Anyone Used Grocerygame .com ?

V.B. asks from Detroit

i would like to know if anyone used this site before I saw it on M&J show they say you save hundreds on grocieries. If you have used it please let me know if it easy ...


Parents Choice Brand

L.M. asks from Detroit

Hi, Has anyone here used Parents Choice brand formula(Wal Mart)? What has your experience been? Read on-line where it's just as good only half the price. I'd like s...


GFCF (Gluten Free/casein Free) (Wheat Free/dairy Free) Diet Tips

T.D. asks from Indianapolis

Hi All: I am reading through info on putting my son on the GF/CF diets and am looking for a good place to purchase products. I have been in Trader Joe's and Wild ...


To the Young Mom's

S.R. asks from Detroit

I had my son shortly after I turned 21 and gained around 80 pounds give or take some. Its taken me the full 3 years to get to where I was before I had him. I was just...


I'm Looking for a Good Meal Plan Website or Subscription

L.M. asks from Detroit

I am trying to improve the quality of dinner I feed my children. Breakfast and Lunch are usually balanced but dinner seems like it is thrown out the window. I had o...