Karo Syrup: Similac

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Karo Syrup in Every Bottle???

V.B. asks from Florence

My oldest step-daughter is a 20 year old single mother. She just recently moved back in with us. The baby just turned 3 months old. The first time she left us alone w...


Has Anyone Used the Karo Syrup?

A.H. asks from Chicago

My 2 month old is now exclusively on formula, and his bowel movements are 3 to 4 days apart. Problem is, he strains for the last 2 of those days to go, and when he do...


Constipated 4 Week Old

L.M. asks from Savannah

We switched our little girl to straight formula about a week ago, Similac advance, and now she hasn't pooped since wednesday. We started putting Karo syrup in her bot...



J.L. asks from Oklahoma City

My 7 week old daughter is having trouble with some constipation. She started on Similac and changed it to Enfamil then to Enfamil Gentlease. She is going but having t...


My Grandson Will Not Poop on His Own.

S.B. asks from Columbus

My grandson is 1 month and 2 weeks old, he will not poop unless his mom puts k-y gelly on a q-tip.. he is on sensitive similac... we also have tried light karo syrup ...



A.S. asks from Orlando

Ok got the crying cleared up but now she is backed up and pushing all the time. poor girl i have tryed prunes and karo syrup. she isent sleeping very well either. any...


Newborn Bowel Movements

C.R. asks from Kansas City

I have a one month old who is having trouble with her bowel movements. I have addressed this with her doctor and I've been using karo syrup in her bottles. My issue...


Constipated Newborn

S.S. asks from Lansing

Our six week old son has been constipated since about week 2. I switched formulas once from Gentle to Sensitive. I am also putting Karo syrup in his bottles to help...


Need Help with Constipated 5 Month Old

R.T. asks from Austin

My beautiful 5 month old girl is having such a hard time with her bowel movements. It just breaks my heart to see her grunt and scream trying to get the "poopie" out...


3 Week Formula Fed Baby Constipated

C.M. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 3 week old that is completely formula fed and he is constipated. He strains to poop and when he does he will have a hard little ball of poop. Any suggestions...