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What Do You Drink?

W.W. asks from Washington DC

I'm kicking my Coca-Cola habit again. I was so good last summer. Now? I slipped easily back into it. I don't buy it. But when I go out? I have a Coke and a water. ...


My 17 Year Old Will Not Drink Water.

D.B. asks from Lancaster

What is the next best thing to drinking water. My youngest son never like the taste of water. Now he is almost 17 and still doesn't drink water. He's always had pr...


JFF - Do You Drink? Why or Why Not?

M.D. asks from Washington DC

I often say I need a drink - but I don't drink. I have MAYBE 2-3 mixed drinks a year. I had my first baby at 20, and obviously stopped drinking then. My husband doesn...


100% Juice. Is It Really That Hard to Remember?

B.G. asks from Champaign

We really don't drink juice in our family. The boyz are starting to appreciate the occasional juice box, which is really nice in the car. But for the most part it's...


JFF: What Do Your Kids Drink with Dinner?

K.B. asks from Boston

What do they drink with dinner? And what do you and your husband drink? Mine drink milk or kool aid, unless we are having pizza, then it's soda or iced tea. Hubs and ...


What's Going on with Arsenic in Apple and Grape Juice

3.B. asks from Huntington

I heard a brief snippit on the news awhile ago, but thought it was probably narrowed down to distinctive brands. But when I took the baby in for his well child check ...


Do You Drink in Front of Your Kids?

J.M. asks from Boston

I like one glass of wine with dinner. I do look forward to it actually after being home all day; but my kids are actually not too hard! Hubby doesn't drink and doesn'...


Do Your Kids Drink Soda?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

If not, is it because they don't want to, or you won't let them? If they do, is it because you don't mind if they drink soda, or because you figure they're old enoug...


Is It Ok to Drink Deit Soda If Breastfeeding

K.L. asks from Columbia

So I'm wondering if it is ok to drink deit soda if i'm breastfeeding???


How Do You Get a 2 Year Old to Drink His Milk?

N.H. asks from Harrisburg

My 2 year old really doesn't like to drink his milk. Does anyone have any successful ways to get a kid to drink his milk? I've tried using chocolate milk powder and t...