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Heartburn from Hell!

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and this heartburn has been here since like 8 weeks I don't know what else to do. Tums don't work hardly, zantac is starting not to work, it's u...


Changes Since Babies Born...(possible TMI)

T.S. asks from Houston

Ok, since the babies were born 14 weeks ago I've been having a little trouble with irregularity (and some gassiness). I breastfed exclusively for 6 weeks and they st...


Hand-feet-mouth Disease

M.L. asks from Dallas

My two-year-old was just diagnosed with hand-feet-mouth disease. He is in pain all the time and refused to eat anything. We try to get some liquids down but every b...


Hand Mouth and Foot Disease/virus

C.B. asks from Chicago

does any have any suggestions on how to maybe speed up the process or comfort a 11 1/2 month old with hand mouth and foot disease/virus?? this is about day 3 and she ...


Pregnancy Heartburn

B.R. asks from York

I'm in my third trimester and having way more heartburn than I did with my last pregnancy. I get super-thirsty during the day and it seems like water not only doesn'...


20 M Old Daughter with Diarea and Severe Rash

A.P. asks from Columbus

Hi Mom's, I need a little advise. My daughter has had bad diaper rash - blisters and all for the last 3 days. She also has diarea. We have been appling diaper rash...


Hand, Foot and Mouth

L.B. asks from New London

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with hand, foot and mouth. My poor 14 month old is miserable. She goes through phases where she seems OK then cries for hou...


I Have Really Bad Heartburn

D.P. asks from Chicago

Hey ladies, I am almost 16 weeks pregnant (on tuesday) and I have wicked heartburn. I know all the advice like eat smaller meals more often and avoiding...


Pregnancy and Constipation

S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi everyone, has anyone had constipation so bad in the first trimester. i plan on talking to my doctor but, i was wondering if anyone maybe took a laxative or an ena...