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Diaper Rash with Bumps?

T.B. asks from Jacksonville

My 21 month old has developed a bad diaper rash today. It is little red bumps and she says it itches. Is this a yeast infection? she does not have a discharge. I use ...


Hand/Mouth/Foot Disease

S.L. asks from Providence

My daughter is 8 1/2 months old and weights 20lbs and hasn't been the same since yesterday afternoon she started to develop a fever of 101 and it climbed to 104 by ni...


One Year Old With7-10 Poopy Diapers per day...what Could It Be?

M.C. asks from Detroit

Hi Moms, I need some input on this one. I have seen his pediatrician Saturday and the doctor has dismissed this as serious. I beg to differ which is why went to...


Hand Foot and Mouth Disease/Virus

C.C. asks from Boston

My 20 mth. old has HFMD, and I'm loosing my ever loving mind. I have been racking my brain trying to find something to give her to help relieve some of the discomfort...


Milk Allergy, Acid Reflux or WHAT???

J.L. asks from Charlotte

I daughter is 6 1/2 weeks old and is having issues with feeding. Symptoms: Spitting up - a lot now that on Nutramigen, before it was occasional. Diarrhea - for a...


Does Anyone Have a Baby with Acid Reflux?

T.P. asks from Salinas

I've been on this site several times searching for answers to my baby's fussiness and gas and recently my baby was diagnosed with acid reflux. It is horrible. My baby...


Canker Sore on Tip of the Tongue - Remedies, Pls!

L.G. asks from Denver

i am 27 weeks pregnant and I got a canker sore 2 weeks ago on the very tip of my tongue and it itched and hurt for about a week and it now seems to heal but there's s...


Sore on Toddlers Tongue

B.B. asks from Iowa City

Hi moms, My almost 3 year old woke up this morning with a small white bump on her tongue. I'm not sure if it is a canker sore, but it is very painful for her. She ...


Foot and Mouth???

T.R. asks from Fresno

My two sons have gotten this foot and mouth thing, and I was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with this, if they know how to get rid of it faster, or if there...


Severe Diaper Rash/Yeast Infection in Toddler That Won't Go Away!

C.M. asks from Owensboro

Hi everyone, This request is my desperate attempt to find some help! My 19-month-old daughter has had a constant diaper rash of varying degrees since we switched...