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Smelly Sippy

J.P. asks from Chicago

My son uses a Playtex insulated sippy. It looks like a travel cup for adults, but it has a non-spill rubber part inside. We use the cup for milk occasionally, and n...


Fun with Pooping and Prune Juice

J.R. asks from Grand Rapids

My one year old son has had a hard time pooping lately. It is awful to watch, he squats and then screams like it REALLY hurts to go and his poop is really hard. We ...


Sippy Cups

K.E. asks from New York

After reading the question about stopping the playing of games with a sippy cup...that reminded me of my question: Is there a straw-based cup that doesn't leak? I'v...


Soda Stream

C.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Mama's, My husbands birthday is coming up soon and I was thinking about getting him a Soda Stream since he loves to drink soda's so much. There are quite a few...


Sippy Cups and Whole Milk

K.G. asks from Seattle

I have a thirteen-month old son, and I'm trying to transition him from bottles and formula to sippy cups and whole milk. He will only drink water out of sippy cups, ...


No More Sippy's at Home But...

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

What do we do about drinks when we are out. We went to the gym the other day with the kids and I brought two cups and a bottle of water to give them drinks. I really ...


Milk from a Sippy Cup

J.E. asks from Dallas

I am having a very hard time getting my 13 month old daughter to drink milk from a sippy cup. She will drink water and juice from a sippy cup without a problem, but ...


Transitioning Milk from Bottle to Sippy...

S.S. asks from New York

My 14 month old won't take milk in his sippy - I have tried - though not consistent to give him his milk in a sippy cup and not in a bottle but when he hands me back ...


Milk in a Sippy Cup?

H.H. asks from Denver

My son is 7 months old, I just introduced him to a sippy cup (thanks for everyone who helped me figure that one out). He hasn't mastered it yet by himself, but he do...


Is It Ok to Drink Deit Soda If Breastfeeding

K.L. asks from Columbia

So I'm wondering if it is ok to drink deit soda if i'm breastfeeding???