Juice & Milk: Simplicity

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Milk Allergy

S.G. asks from Chicago

My son has a severe milk allergy. He is currently 10 months old on Elecare. What kind of "milk" do I give him when he turns 1? Also, what about his birthday cake :(


Stockpiling Milk

M.I. asks from Wichita

Ok, I asked earlier about tips on weaning my son since we'll be apart for 17 days this June. He'll be a year @ the end of May so before things came up I was planning ...


Crock Pot Dinners

K.H. asks from Odessa

I know I'm late to the party, but I made a roast in the crock pot for dinner and loved the simplicity of it. What are some of your favorite crock pot recipes that are...


Weaning a 14 Month Old

J.M. asks from Nashville

My oldest son, now 5, weaned himself at 14 months. His baby brother, however, does not seemed inclined to stop nursing on his own. He only really nurses 3 times a day...


Advice for Traveling with Infant Needed

M.C. asks from Cleveland

I'm planning a trip to visit family in the Twin Cities with my infant. She'll be 10 weeks when we go. I'm trying to figure out what I can bring on the plane with me, ...


Help!!! Hosting a Breakfast for 70-80 People First Week in May!

A.E. asks from Spartanburg

Hi everyone, I am new to this but I need a little help. I am the PTA President at my kids school (this is my 1st year) and we are hosting a breakfast for teacher app...


Only Cake and Ice Cream Ok?

K.W. asks from Washington DC

I have a party planned for my son's birthday at The Little Gym next month. Is it ok to just serve cake and ice cream? Seems like most parties now-days have pizza or s...


Nursing Trouble

R.B. asks from Indianapolis

My 4 week son is not gaining weight. He just got back up to birth weight. he was born with his tongue tied but we had it clipped at 4 days old. In the hospital I u...


Keurig or Tassimo

T.G. asks from Philadelphia

I was thinking o getting a keurig or tassimo coffie maker. I like lattes the best. I do enjoy a good cup of coffie. The reason I was thinking of getting one is that...


My 27 Months Old Boy Does Not Eat

Z.N. asks from Denver

My 27 months old little boy is very very picky about food. When he eats, it's just a little and sometimes all what he would eat are crackers and some milk for the who...