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Getting Out Moldy Smell in a Pack -N- Play

C.L. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get rid of a moldy smell in a pack -n- play. Someone gave me theirs and it has that smell and I was hoping someone had...


Have You Ever Flown with a Pack 'N' Play?

C.K. asks from Chicago

We are flying out of town soon and are planning to bring my son's pack 'n' play for him to sleep in. Has anyone else done this? If so, do you check the pack 'n' pla...


Cleaning a Pack-n-play Mattress

L.S. asks from Jacksonville

Help! My toddler took off a poop diaper in the pack-n-play. There's no cover to remove that could be thrown in the washer. I did get the surface stuff off, but still...


Cleaning / Deodorizing Pack N Play

J.M. asks from Chicago

My 5 week daughter has spit up a couple of times on her mattress pad in her pack n play. I looked to see if the covering could come off and be washed, but it can't. ...


Pack N Play or Co-sleeping

L.S. asks from New York

Hi All Mommies, My brain is on overload right now with all the products out there for babies. This is my first baby, and with so much info..........HELP Please. My b...


Help Escapee from Pack N Play

T.S. asks from Detroit

This morning my 22month old daughter escaped from her pack n play in the space of about 2 minutes - while I was getting her prune juice to bring to her. She has al...


Milk Spilled in Pack N Play and the Pad Has Yet to Dry What Should I Do?

R.P. asks from Cleveland

The milk that was spilt by my 1 yr old in her pack n play last night is about dry but what should I do to get it to go back to being soft like it was before the spill...


Ideas for Cleaning Rail Covers on Pack N Play

B.G. asks from Birmingham

I recently got a Pack N Play that was previously owned. It's in really great shape, but the fabric that covers the top rails is dirty. This play yard was used mainl...


How Can I Clean a Graco Pack N Play Mattress?

S.Y. asks from Portland

My SIL was so nice to watch my baby for me but my pack n play came home with stains on the the underside of the mattress. She thinks my toddler may have spilled mild ...


How to Get Pooh Out of Pack N Play

E.E. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, Recently I napped a one year old in a pack n' play. When she woke up she quietly undressed herself from the waste down, pooped, and then smeared it ever...