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Weaning from Bottle, Nutrition, and Nighttime Routine

I.O. asks from San Antonio

My son is 13 months old and I started weaning him from the bottle at 11 mos. During the day he will drink water and some milk from sippy cups and through the straw. N...


Daddy and Toddler Tantrums

C.P. asks from San Antonio

Lately it seems that I am dealing with more than my three year olds tantrums. My husband gets just as wound up about her behavior and is so quick to respond by sendi...


In Law Keep Secrets

A.M. asks from Pittsburgh

It seems that my in laws like to do things with my 10 month old and not tell me about them. They are wonderful in the fact that we can always rely on them if we need...


Help Getting Baby to Eat Solids!

K.S. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone, My doctor would like for me to start my six-month-old on solids. First of all, he is seven weeks premature. Secondly, my efforts have been futile! ...


Consipated 3 Year Old Help! Been Potty Trained for Number1 for 6 Months Now

K.H. asks from Boise

Constipation has been a big problem since he started eating baby food at 6 months. I breastfead him for 1 full year. We have tried Miralx once a day, vitimains and pe...



K.B. asks from Phoenix

I AM SOOOO DESPERATE FOR HELP!!! my son is 6 months old and has VERY sensitive skin. he screams most of the day, cant sleep other than 10 min at a time when he wears...


Advice for Breastfeeding First Time Mom

T.W. asks from Detroit

My milk supply can't keep up with my 6 week old daughter's appetite. By mid afternoon I'm only able to produce approx 2oz for my 4-6oz eater. (I began pumping to gage...


Wits End: My 28 Month Old Has Absolutely No Concept of Communication

N.I. asks from New York

I have a relatively smart toddler/preschooler or so her teacher at the playgroup tells me. I know she is bright, she can count 11 objects, but know how to count to 20...


Needing Perspective

H.P. asks from New York

Good evening Ladies!! So I am sitting here in London after just returning 4 days ago from our trip back home to the States for Christmas. I feel a GIANT wedge betw...


Ouch- I Think I Am Getting Mastitis Again...

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all, I have a 4 month old and I think I might be getting mastitis again. I have been solely breastfeeding him- and have recently introduced formula maybe for maybe...