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Aquaphor & Mylanta for Diaper Rash????

L.F. asks from Dallas

I read in either Parents or Babytalk that you can use a mixture of Eucerin Aquaphor and Mylanta on diaper rash and that it works great. Has anyone ever tried this? ...


How Can I Get Aquaphor off the Wall!

E.M. asks from Chicago

I put Aquaphor on my son after his bath and he then put his hands on the wall, leaving greasy prints. Is there any way to clean the wall?


Possible Milk Allergy?

K.V. asks from Richland

I have a 3 month old son who developed a rash on his face and neck when he was about 2 weeks old. I have taken him to 2 doctors and they both have said that it's just...


Newly Diagnosed Milk Allergy

J.C. asks from Boston

Hi Ladies! My 21 month old son was just diagnosed yesterday with a "moderate" milk allergy. Lately he's been getting a rash on his body and has been on desonide cream...


How to Get Rid of a Rash Mustache from Juice

V.K. asks from Sacramento

My 4 year old was drinking from a container of juice (the small personal sized) and got some juice on her upper lip. Because she didn't wipe it off it's now a reddis...


What Are the Signs of a Milk Allergy in Babies/ Toddlers?

L.B. asks from New York

My one year old has been dealing with medium severe eczema since he was a newborn. He also passes a lot of gas and still wakes every 1.5 to 3 hours. (For the record...


Baby Eczema

D.D. asks from Stationed Overseas

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help baby eczema? I think I've tried just about everything. I've tried Aquaphor, gentle naturals, and lubriderm.


Organic Milk

C.S. asks from Wichita Falls

I am going to start my twins on all milk soon. (Yes the doctor said its ok). My question is has anyone used Organic Milk and it has helped with Eczema? Several websit...


Desitin Makes Her Scream

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter (7 mos) is on an antibiotic that the doc told me would probably give her diarrhea...well it did and now her little bottom is all red. I put desitin creamy...


Severe Diaper Rash

J.S. asks from Dallas

Moms - I need your help! My son cannot wear Pampers pull-ups and when he does he breaks out into severe diaper rash and it looks awful! I have told his teachers, ma...