Jogging Strollers

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Jogging Stroller Question

J.W. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone used the In Step or Schwinn jogging stroller? I'd like to buy an inexpensive jogging stroller, but don't want a piece of junk. I'm looking for opinions g...


Jogging Stroller Recommendations

J.T. asks from Dallas

i am looking for a great jogging stroller. i would like it be nice and stylish, but that is not the #1 priority. i am training for a 5K right now, and then for a ha...


Jogging Stroller Help?

N.B. asks from Detroit

I am looking to purchase a jogging stroller for my sister. She is due in August, and she has expressed some interest in a jogging stroller vs. the stroller/car seat ...


Jogging Stroller Recommendations

A.P. asks from Fort Collins

I just sold my Graco travel system jogging stroller because the front wheel didn't swivel. I also just sold my In Step double wide jogging stroller because it was to...


Finding the Best Jogging Stroller

T.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My Father-in-law has kindly offered to buy me a jogging stroller!! Yeah!! I just wanted to get everyone's ideas, thoughts and recommendations. Which ones ...


Best Single Jogging Stroller

K.F. asks from Portland

I am looking for a single jogging stroller to run/walk with my 2 year old. I need it to be useable with a smaller baby too (after 6mo) in case we have another. Do you...


Good Jogging Stroller?

K.M. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good jogging stroller that's not too expensive? Also, has anyone had any luck using one? Are you really able to jog while pushing it? Thanks!


Looking for a Good Jogging Stroller

C.H. asks from Milwaukee

As soon as this weather finally cooperates, I'm looking to get outside more often with my toddler. I'd love to get a jogging stroller, but don't really know what to ...


Anyone Using Jogging Stroller?

J.L. asks from Lubbock

I was wondering if any of you moms have used a jogging stroller? I am thinking of getting one but wondered if it's easy to use,etc. Can you really get a good jog in &...