Jogging Strollers: Preschooler

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Jogging Stroller

K.N. asks from Denver

I am looking for a GREAT jogging stroller to tote my 3 year old and 3 month old around in. I probably will be doing mostly walking but would like the ability to run i...


Jogging Stroller

V.P. asks from Dallas

Hi I am shopping for a jogging stroller, but can't decide if I want one where the front wheel moves or if it is even a big difference. I'm looking at doing marathons,...


Recommendations for Good Jogging Stroller

J.H. asks from Atlanta

We're looking at buying a jogging stroller and I'm interested in recommendations on ones that you've liked and would definitely recommend and also those that you didn...


Jogging Stroller

D.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi all! Anyone have any thoughts on jogging strollers? We are looking for one, but don't want to spend a fortune. InStep has been recommended to us. Has anyone ...


Finding the Best Jogging Stroller

T.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, My Father-in-law has kindly offered to buy me a jogging stroller!! Yeah!! I just wanted to get everyone's ideas, thoughts and recommendations. Which ones ...


Looking for Double Jogging Stroller

B.H. asks from Pueblo

I am looking for recommendations for a double jogging stroller that would work for an 18 month old and an average sized 4 year old. I am hoping to find one for aroun...


Jogging Stroller Suggestions - 3 Year Old

M.L. asks from Dallas

I am trying to find the best option for a jogging stroller for a child that is 3 years old. I am a single mom and wanna start walking/running again. Most of the str...


Double Jogging Stroller

L.F. asks from Denver

We are expecting our third this fall, and need a double stroller for our toddler and the baby!! We are wanting a double jogging stroller, love the Bobs but the hub...


Double Jogging Stroller Advice

R.B. asks from Detroit

Any runners out there use a double jogging stroller? I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old. I will be getting one in the next few weeks so I have it ready to go w...