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Double Stroller Recommendations

J.D. asks from Pittsburgh

I am in the market for a double stroller. I need something that fits in the trunk of a midsized sedan. I am interested in the Chicco double stroller, but I want to ...


Double Stroller Recommendations

R.A. asks from Dallas

When I deliver my son will be 2.5 and I know most of the time he will want to walk but some times he does get tired. I want to have a stroller that has that option fo...


Basic vs Jogging Stroller for First Time Mom

J.B. asks from Austin

I'm debating on what type of stoller to buy for our first born. My first thought was to go with the carseat and the snap-n-go base until the baby was really old enou...


Stroller Advice

D.S. asks from New York

I am going to be a first time mom and I need advise stroller recommendations. I wanted the travel combo but heard the stroller is heavy and not good for in and out o...


Double Stroller Recommendations

L.C. asks from Boston

We are in the market for a double stroller. Currently have a 21 month old now, and are expecting #2 in May 2010. So, my daughter will be 26 mos. when the baby arriv...


Best/favorite Stroller

L.H. asks from Phoenix

Hello all, I am looking to get a stroller for my 8 monther. I would like to spend not more than the $150 range. Do you have recommendations from what you use? What do...


Stroller Question

K.R. asks from Denver

Hi moms, I'm expecting baby number 2 in Sept and am planning on buying a new stroller. I do not need a double stroller, I already have one of those. However, I nev...


To Get a Double Stroller or Not to Get a Double Stroller?

M.C. asks from New York

I'm pregnant with #2 (due end of Feb 2013), and am considering getting a double stroller. My son will be just over 2 when the 2nd is born. I currently have a single B...


What Stroller Works Best for You?

A.S. asks from San Francisco

Soon to be foster mom here. I'm looking for a great stroller that will work well for kids ages 0-3. I'd rather not suffer buyers remorse, so I thought I'd ask you m...


Stroller Question

C.S. asks from Richmond

First off ladies I can not thank you enough for everything yall do for me. I dont have a mother and I can ask you all any question and it feels almost as good as hav...