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Looking for a Job.

H.B. asks from Houston

I am looking for a job. I have some management experience but mostly customer service and office experience. Does anyone know of any job opening. My husband is rea...


Reapplying for a Job

D.B. asks from Eau Claire

I applied for a job about 2 months ago and go rejected. The job has since been reposted. Can I go ahead and apply again? How long do you wait before reapplying? ...


New Job

L.T. asks from Dallas

I have been at my current job for over 10 years. I have a good income, work full time, and comute 2 hours a day. I have become very unhappy in my current situatio...


I Have a Job Interview!!

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

Yay! I've been applying for lots of jobs and I finally got an interview. It's at a local bank for a part time customer service representative. I have no doubt that I'...


Job Question

E.S. asks from New York

If you held a job for only six months, would you list it on your resume? I'm leaning toward no since that would open up a can of worms about why I left. Then again,...


How to Resign from My Job

T.B. asks from Birmingham

I have just been offered my dream job and I am excited BUT... I am currently on Short Term Disability due to recently having surgery. My dr wont let me go back to wo...


Need a Job

R.G. asks from San Francisco

HI my name is R. i am curently looking for a job I just graduated from western carrer collage I dont know what to do any more y been seeking and cant find nothing


Home Job

L.H. asks from Cleveland

I have a great job, but it is not enough when it comes to supporting my two children alone as well as save. Any ideas on legit part time employment that I can do at ...


Finding a Job

S.P. asks from Houston

Hi, I'm Sam mother of three and looking for a job I can do working from home. Everything thats labeled work form home seems to be a ripe off! Just woundering if anyon...