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Career - What Would You Do?

M.R. asks from Chicago

Current situation: After 15 years into your gig you have a job that pays six figures, is a fairly easy job. You're tenured and there is very little chance of getting...


"It's the Mommy's Job"

D.A. asks from San Diego

So I have heard this countless times from my husband. Some days are just not so good with him. On his days off he feels that he should get time to do whatever he want...


Looking for Job!

B.N. asks from Indianapolis

I am in need of a job! I have little experince but I am a hard worker, If any one knows of a job that is hiring for light clerical, on the westside or downtown could ...


A Job for the 'Meantime'

R.H. asks from Austin

Have any of you ever been guilty of taking a job that you really had no intent on keeping--but needed income/experience until your ideal job came through? I applied f...


I Need a Job

K.W. asks from Dallas

I am returning to work after 6 years and finding it very difficult to find a job. Anyone have any suggestions to help me out????



C.S. asks from Detroit

Hello Mama's, I am looking in to a career change ( EDIT: from Cosmetology), once both my kids are in school: any suggestions on where to look for some good ideas o...


Do You LOVE Your Job?

T.R. asks from Orlando

Most of us LOVE being a Mommy! BUT, I am talking about a job aside from parenthood. Do you work another full time job that you love? Or at least enjoy going to 8+ hou...


3 Job Interviews for the Same Job?

S.M. asks from Kansas City

This is more of an update than a question. We are headed into week three when it comes to waiting to find out about this job for my daughter. She received a text fr...


Searching for a Job

N.F. asks from Seattle

My husband is looking for a job and is considering using or Is it worth it? We will be moving out of state (from WA to Texas) and already...


Where to Job Search

S.Z. asks from Dallas

I currently have a good job, but I'd like to find something closer to home (I drive an hour each way right now.) I've been lucky so far as I never really had do a lot...