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Adult Daughter

C.S. asks from New York

My adult daughter will not return my phone calls. For the past two years I have not recieved birthday cards or Mother's Day cards. She did call me this year and wishe...


Expenses of a Teen with No Job

D.H. asks from Los Angeles

I have a senior in high school and she has not gotten a job though we have encoraged her since she was 16 years old...two years ago. Her activities at school and chur...


Seeking Real at Home Job!

M.B. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone , I'm seeking a real at home job . Does anyone know of any ????? Please help! Do to some family reasons , at home work is the best option for my family an...


Adult Child Issues

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, When does an adult child, mine for instance he is 20 become responsible for their own choices?? My son who is 20 years old almost 21 lives with his dad...


18 Year Old, the Job Hunt, and Hair Length

K.D. asks from Raleigh

My 18 year old son has graduated from high school. He is taking a class at a Tech school but also wants a job. He has been looking ever since he graduated and hasn't ...


18-Year-old Son Not Interested in Getting a Job

D.V. asks from Dallas

My 18 yo son is about to graduate and thinks, with his senior schedule, it would be too stressful to get a part-time job. He has had the same job on Saturdays for fi...


How Do I Get My 19-Year Old Son to Get a Job?

L.G. asks from San Francisco

Hello there mamas, I am writing to get advice for a friend of mine who has a 19-year old son living at home and is not trying hard to get a job. My friend is so fru...


New to Area, Having a Hard Time Finding Job

A.A. asks from Phoenix

I just moved to Avondale about a month ago from CA. In CA, I worked as a teachers assistant at a preschool. I have been working in childcare for almost 10 years now...


Four Hour Curfew for an 18 Year Old?

M.Q. asks from Boise

My 18 year old daughter just turned 18 in March. She has a job of her own, is responsible with it and her chores at home, pays her own phone bill, and even buys any e...


How Do I Accept That My 18 Yo Daughter Is Dating a 30 Yo Man?

R.D. asks from New York

My 18 yo daughter is a freshman in college across state. A 30 yo man that we only knew of as her friend took her away for an off-the-grid, no cell service camping tri...