Job Loss

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Looking for a Job

G.T. asks from Boston

OK, I did a post yesterday about possible divorcing my husband and I realize that I need my own income. I work part time but it is not nearly enough to cover the bill...


Hair Loss

A.B. asks from Spokane

My sister is 39. She's had thinning of her hair in the last year, in which her hairdresser first pointed out to her. She used to have extremely thick hair so she ju...


Weight Loss

J.H. asks from Nashville

I need some help. I am over weight and have high BP. I have walked 3 to 4 miles a day for over 4 months, 4 to 6 times a week. I watch what I eat and make healthy choi...


Friends?... or Loss Of...

J.W. asks from Seattle

I had this friend for about 8 years. My best friend! Knew everything there was to know about me. All 3 of our kids are 2 months apart. Our wedding anniversaries are 1...


New Dilema to the Job Search... Now What?!

R.D. asks from Richmond

I posted a question yesterday regarding my BF still looking for work, and me searching for a second full time job. New major setback... my current boss is not crazy a...


Advice - So Stressed About My Husband's Job Situation

K.S. asks from Columbia

I need advice on how to deal with my feelings towards my husband (age 60). The problems started in mid-2013. Over the summer I found out that his job of 6 years, a s...


Too Scared to Leave Lucrative Job Even Though I Really Want to Be a SAHM or WAHM

K.K. asks from San Francisco

I work as a senior attorney at a large law firm. I also have a 10 month old baby and love being a mom. The job pays extremely well but is incredibly demanding. I...


Christians Tell Me What You Know About the Wife of Job in the Bible?

A.!. asks from Detroit

I know the wife of Job was always labeled as a woman of little faith becasue she said curse God and die, but after studying the story I realizing she was a powerful w...


SAHM - Is It Your "Job" to Take Care of the House?

C.S. asks from Springfield

I am taking a poll. What do you moms and your husbands agree should be the role of the SAHM? I am currently pregnant and have recently got laid off. I am home eve...


Do You Ever Feel like Your Job Is Consuming Your Life?

M.. asks from Youngstown

Hi moms, my job is very stressful. I work full time (sometimes more), and last week I cut back to only 3 days a week to spend more time with my 3 year old daughter. ...