Job Loss: Steroids

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Weight Loss - How Did I Let Myself Go?

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

I am a 32 years old and 5 foot 7 tall. About 9 years ago my weight got up to 238 pounds. I went on weight watchers and started working out and lost 83 pounds. Now ...


Breast Feeding and Weight Loss

V.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi everyone I am at a loss I have been breast feeding for 5 and a half mouths I workout yet I can't seem to lose any of my weight. Do any of you out there have any ...


Need What Worked for You with Weight Loss! Let Me Know Your Success Story!

K.W. asks from Chicago

I'm a busy mom of a two and a three year old. I work full time and find it hard with everything to squeeze in the time to exercise...but I have to do it. See, my hu...


Does Anyone Know of Any Natural Treatments for Asthma?

C.L. asks from Los Angeles

My 3 year old son has asthma anytime he gets a cold. The problem is he catches colds so easy and any cold goes straight to his lungs. Then we have to start breathin...


Ear Problems

E.M. asks from Albany

My Daughter has a reoccurring ear inflammation. She is not in daycare or exposed to large amount of germs. My ped has given her 2 rounds of antibiotics and 3 days o...


Fluid in My!

A.M. asks from Lakeland

I had a vicious cold back in September/October that turned into a sinus infection, double ear infection and bronchitis. I was treated with antibiotics, steroids and ...


In and Out of the Hospital with 13 Month Old

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 13 month old son who has had lots of problems with asthma. The first time he was hospitalized for it he was only 7 weeks old and it has been an on going batt...


Chaz Bono...

✿.*. asks from Los Angeles

So, what are your thoughts? I watched an interview with "him" about 6 months ago and am not as supportive because of the horrible attitude and negativity. And, if y...


Losing Weight After Pregnancy

A.B. asks from Tulsa

I just had a daughter 7 wks ago and am struggling to lose weight. I'm not breastfeeding because after two weeks of breastfeeding I dried up and was no longer able. I'...


Eczema Problem

M.L. asks from Phoenix

I'm really nervous about my son's skin problem. His face and elbows were just a little red and it would come and go. The dr. said it was Eczema which my daughter had...