Job Loss: Dora the Explorer

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How Do I Explain

K.C. asks from Dallas

My husband lost his job two days before Christmas. In January, we had to move out of the house we were renting. Since then, we have been staying with various friends,...


Need Help with Joint Boy/girl Birthday Party!

A.H. asks from Nashville

Hey ladies! Well, I totally have "birthdays" on my brain, as my oldest child turns 4 this coming weekend. In planning his party, I have started thinking about what I ...


Nighttime Potty Training - She Refuses a Diaper

C.S. asks from Portland

Hi all, My almost 4 year old daughter has decided that diapers are for babies and she doesn't want to wear one at night anymore. We've been at it for a week and it'...


Need Advice: Is It Too Young for a 10 Month Old to Watch TV?

T.B. asks from Pittsburgh

About a month ago I got out some baby Einstein DVD's and my son fell in love with them. He gets so excited to watch them. The best part is that I can turn that on and...


Potty Training My 2 Year Old

N.T. asks from Los Angeles

i have a head-strong 30 month old daughter who we are trying to potty train. we've been trying on and off for about 6 months now, but to no avail. she really resists ...


Too Much TV

A.C. asks from Greensboro

I have a 17 month old girl. I stay at home all day with her. Which i feel blessed to be able to do. The question is I have the TV on all day is that good or bad. I le...