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Worried About 5 Year Old Daughter's Behavior

L.I. asks from Dallas

I am very worried about my 5 year old daughter's behavior lately. She is normally a very sweet girl, very giving, eager to please, super if not over affectionate. Lat...


How to Explain to a 6 Year Old News of a Dying Friend...

L.L. asks from Macon

My friend's son is dying. My family and I have been praying for him since we got news that he is seriously ill. Needless to say that my own children are friends with ...


5-Almost 6 Year Old, Throwing Tantrums

K.A. asks from Portland

Hi moms, I really enjoy reading all of the wonderful advise you give to people who are having a difficult time with their precious bundles of joy. I now feel I ne...


Very Unfocused 5 Year Old Boy in Kinder. HELP!!!!!!

L.B. asks from San Diego

I getting letters home saying that my son is not focused and he won't do his work ect. He is very bright, he just likes to play people. If he can get away with not ...


Content Appropriate Books for Mature 5 Year Old

E.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello ladies, My daughter is 5 and has always loved books. She is happy to read books like Henry and Mudge and Dr Seuss, but she really enjoys long chapter books ...


Seeking Moms with Ideas of How to Deal with an Angry 5 Year Old

S.B. asks from Spokane

My 5 year old daughter seems so angry and defiant. When we are alone together she is very sweet and kind and we have so much fun together. When we are with friends sh...


5 Year Old Still Having Accidents

M.S. asks from Cleveland

My 5 year old son is still having occasional accidents. It seems to go in spurts and is usually just urine. Last week he had two accidents in the same day! He was ...


Need Help...6 Year Old Needs to Gain Weight....

C.D. asks from Fort Myers

Hi all! I'm new on here and am looking for friendly Mom advise. I recently took my 6 year old son to his well child check up. He lost a pound since his 5 year visit....


Need Help with 5 Year Old Behavior Problems

M.H. asks from Dallas

I hope someone can help! My 5 year old goes to Pre-K (he has a late birthday) and has lately developed some abnormal (I think) control issues. His teacher says he w...


Need Birthday Party Ideas for a 6 Year Old!

K.M. asks from Denver

My 5 year old daughter is turning 6 next month (the day after Valentines!) and I am at a loss for what type of party to plan for her this year. She's very social and...