Job Hunting: Meijer

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Need Some Advice Badly

Today i just found out that my husband lost his job and i am not sure what to do know? You see i am 4 months pregnant and we have a two year little boy and i am stay at home mom, so i am freaking out because i dont know where to start. I mean should i try and get a job or will people not even give me a chance because im pregnant, and there is the possiblity that my husband will be out of work for awhile because there are hardly any jobs out there in my area and the ones that are only pay like 8 bucks an hour, so is worth taking and having...


Being the Mom

I was just thinking this morning that men never think about anything but...

Earning Extra Cash

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I Wouldl Ove to Stay Home with My First Baby!!!

I've received so much help from all of you that I am couting on you again!!! I am expecting my first baby and I would love to stay home with him or her! I am currently working as a social worker and at times it can be very strssful. I was looking into doing a home daycare, but I know myself and I would want to spend alot of time with my newborn! (and I plan to breastfeed!) then I was thinking of becoming a Medical Transcriptionist and that is my question...are there any moms who are transcriptionists or who know someone who is? how did you...

Working at home

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Do Diaper Genies Work?

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am in the process of buying baby supplies. I have heard mixed opinions on Diaper Genies. One friend says they always smell and another says they work great. Is there some kind of trick to making these genies work? Basically I need to know if there worth the money? And if they don't work, what do I do about all the smelly diapers?

Working Part-time

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Seeking Part Time Work in Warren Area for Evenings

I need to find a job in the warren area. I have experience in waitressing, server, walmart, gas stations. Really need to find one because Christmas is coming and bills are getting behind. So please if you know of any let me know. Thank You.