Jenny Craig: Older Child

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Seeking Other Moms to Be 'Diet Buddy' With

T.S. asks from Philadelphia

I was hesitant about getting on the scale, but I did and since I stopped nursing my son 5 months ago, I put on more weight. Before I got pregnant, I went to Jenny Cra...


Trouble Losing Weight

S.R. asks from Detroit

I go to a Fitzone for women 3-6 times a week, and workout for at least 45 minutes. I'm not seing any results probably because I give in to my cravings, does anyone ha...


Has Anyone Ever Tried Nutrisystem?

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Nutrisystem weight loss or if you know anyone who has. I have this absolutely wonderful diet that I lost weight on before I ...


Fitness Ideas Anyone

B.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi - I had my second child 6 months ago and it seems like NONE of the weight has come off! In fact, I think I gained about 5 pounds! Anyway, I joined a gym but I am s...


Seeking a Way to Help My Daughter Lose Weight.

R.T. asks from Dallas

I'm the mom of a beautiful, but overweight 10 (soon to be 11) year old. I could really use some input on how to help my daughter lose weight. I send her lunch to scho...


Weight Loss Issue

M.L. asks from Dallas

Ok Mama's I need some help on loosing weight. I'm about 5'8 250-260lbs and I HATE it. I have two kids, so that doesn't help much. I would like to get down to 175lbs ...


Has Anyone Tried South Beach Diet or Any Diet That Works Well with Out Starving

P.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hi There, I am trying to find a diet program that I have not tried. I have done it all. I don't like counting calories. I don't like eating packaged foods. How is ...


Seeking Advice on Handling Depression and Weight Gain

S.G. asks from Phoenix

I'm hardly sure where to begin, but I guess my goal in writing this request is to find out whether others have experienced anything similar, and if so, how did you pu...


Not a Kid Related Question...

O.R. asks from Los Angeles

I have been battling with my weight for the past few years and after I had my twins I was the heaviest I've ever been. I began working out slowly, walking, elliptical...


Lapband I Putting Myself at This Fair as a Parent

B.D. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, I have been significantly overweight for about 8 years now. I gained 80 lbs. with my pregnancy and have not been able to lose the weight. I am considering lap...