Jealousy & Deceit

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Husband Lying

J.J. asks from Austin

i dont know exactly how to start this but here it goes:Me and my and hubby have been married for almost 2 yrs. For the last year my husband has been lying to me about...


Lying About Your Weight....

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

The other day I posted a question about lying about your kids age to get them a free kids meal. The resounding response was absolutely not. (Thank you for all your an...


Lying Problem

M.H. asks from Fort Wayne

Our five year old girl has been lying a lot recently. We've tried many things to put an end to this. It's just about silly stuff, for example, "Did you drink your ...


Daughter Lying

J.I. asks from Dallas

Lately my daughter has started a trend of lying about everything. She tells her dad she ate breakfast, no breakfast. Says she brushes her teeth when she hasn't, etc...


5Yo Lying

A.B. asks from Spartanburg

I hope I don't make this too wordy :) Recently (past 6 months or so) my 5yo daughter has started lying. About 6 months ago we had a discussion about what lying is bec...


Breastfeeding While Lying Down?

E.C. asks from Dallas

Hi moms, I have a 7 week old and breastfeeding is going along great! Only problem, she will not nurse while I am lying down. I think I am following the instructio...


Lying Grandson

R.D. asks from Cleveland

My five year old granson lies a lot even about things that he doesn't need to. Later he will tells me he was only pretending, but at the time he is lying is very con...


Stealing and Lying

N.L. asks from Boston

So my daughter has a stealing problem. Not so much in the stores. She used to go around and add things to her bag at the mall, but hasn't done that in a while. Recent...


Daughter Lying

L.L. asks from Orlando

What is a good punishment for an almost 8 year old daughter that is lying to me? It's been little things here and there (like washing her hands after using the bathro...


Toddler Lying

C.P. asks from Charlotte

My son, who is three, has always been very truthful and we've always trusted his answers. Today was the first day he lied - and was sneaky about it. He was eating l...