Jealousy & Deceit

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R.S. asks from Kansas City

My son will be 3 in May. He is not potty trained, although most of the kids his age in his daycare class are. The last two nights, he has told us that he sat on the...



V.B. asks from Dallas

My 10 years old took her friend' assignement and copy it instead of doing it on her own. But when the teacher found out what happened, she did not admit on the spot ...


10 Year Old Increase in Lying - I Am at a Loss....

L.N. asks from Nashville

I have a wonderful, sweet 10 year old boy, who, until recently has given me so few problems I kind of wondered what all the fuss was about with parenting boys. May b...


Jealous Friends

N.D. asks from Chicago

How do you handle friends that are jealous? I have a very good friend, who I am speaking about in particular. Her situation is difficult and has been for awhile. I ...


Am I Just Jealous?

M.H. asks from Lima

Hi all! My sister in law is pregnant and due any day with her first baby girl. She has three boys already. I have two boys. I know it's wrong and mean but I wished fo...


Jealous Husband

D.F. asks from Chattanooga

I have just recently made contact with my biological father and two of my half-siblings and brother and a sister. This has been a big issue in my life, and not knowi...


A Little Jealous

M.R. asks from San Francisco

Just wanted to know if anyone has been in this situation before..Well I am a first time mother of a beautiful 5 month baby girl. I went back to work when she was 3 mo...


JFF- I'm So Jealous!!!

R.J. asks from Seattle

People and their SNOW all winter!!! (it was raining here) People and their HEAT all summer!!! (it's been in the 50's -and raining- here. Until today Seattle had a ...


What to Do with a Jealous Stepson

S.M. asks from Indianapolis

Alright, my husband and I have been married for nearly a year, and he has an 8 year old son. He does not live with us full time, but he comes over frequently. Here la...


Jealous Neighbor? What Would You Do?

Y.C. asks from New York

One day I was in the park with my 2 year and my male neighbor was there with his 2 year old son and his 2 little dogs. We were doing our own stuff until my daughter ...