Jealousy & Deceit: Toddler, Nuby

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How Much Milk Does a 14 Month Old Need? Please Help- Huge Debate in My Home!

L.W. asks from Boston

We have been trying to get my son to kick the bottle habit. He does not use a pacifier or anything else to soothe himself so we have been letting him have a bottle w...


Helping 18 Month Old to Get off the Bottle

A.C. asks from Boston

Hi - I am looking for a little advice. My daughter's pediatrician said that she should be off her bottle now that she is 18 months old. I have tried a variety o...


5 1/2 Month Old Needs Sleep/food

S.H. asks from Richmond

This may sound really ignorant but I am a first time mom (for a baby) and have no parents on either side to ask these things! My 5 1/2 month old son is still not sle...


4 Month Old Refuses a Bottle

G.M. asks from San Francisco

I have been breastfeeding my son since birth with no problems. I was so scared of "nipple confusion that I rarely gave him a bottle. (mabey twice) Now he refuses it. ...


6 Month Old Won't Take Bottle!

L.P. asks from Dallas

My 6 month old daughter will not take the bottle. I have nursed her since birth and she took the bottle twice(pumped breast milk) now she won't. We have tried medel...


10 Month Old CAN'T Hold Own Bottle!?

L.J. asks from Atlanta

Hi, my 10 month old does NOT hold his own bottle or sippy cup. I don't understand why. I've seen other babies much smaller and younger than him holding their own cups...


4 Month Old Will Not Take a Bottle

L.P. asks from Phoenix

I have a 4 momth old little boy who has strictly been breastfed so far and doing wonderfully. However, becasue of some family finance problems I unfortunatly need to ...


9 1/2 Month Old Still Not Crawling and Other Questions......

K.G. asks from Chicago

Hi... I have a beautiful 9 1/2 month old daughter... she is not crawling and I'm worried and concerned. The other babies at daycare that are her age are already craw...


Need Help - My 2 Year Old Will Not Go to Sleep Without a Bottle

B.B. asks from New York

I have a 2 year old who refuses to go to sleep without a bottle. I have tried sippy cups and he just says that he doesn't like it. During the day, if I even give hi...


My Son Won't Sleep Without Me

K.W. asks from Boston

I have a son who is 2 1/2 and he will not stay asleep without me. He can only fall asleep if I am lying down with him. I made the mistake of sleeping with him when he...