Jealousy & Deceit: Teen

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6 1/2 Yr Old lying...normal? Testing?

M.O. asks from Chicago

My 6 1/2 yr old has been lying to me about little things - brushing her hair/teeth, tells me she put away clothes/jacket when she really dumped them on the closet flo...


17 Year Old Boy

M.L. asks from Bangor

The subject probably says it all. My son is 17 and I am not sure how to "help" him grow into a young man. He forgets everything. His manner's have disappeared. He...


"Normal" Tween Girl Behavior?

A.T. asks from Lewiston

I really need some help. My boyfriend of 2 years cannot seem to get along with my daughter. He never says anything to her but behind closed doors or on the phone he g...


Teen Lying About Taking Stuff

T.W. asks from Dallas

I have a 16 yr old girl who recently took a purse from her grandma's house. Her grandma has several handbags so it took her a while to notice that it was missing. She...


15 Year Old Girl Dating a 28 Year Old....

A.F. asks from Louisville

I have a friend who has a daughter that is 15 and she is dating a 28 year old and say's she is madly in love with him and their not having a sexual relationship their...


Daughter Lying

J.I. asks from Dallas

Lately my daughter has started a trend of lying about everything. She tells her dad she ate breakfast, no breakfast. Says she brushes her teeth when she hasn't, etc...


2 16 Year Old Cats Peeing Every Where and My 4 Month Old. Should I Euthanize?

K.R. asks from Chicago

I have 2 16 year old cats I got when I was 7. I love them dearly but 4 1/2 months ago they started defecating and urinating outside of the box. It was an accident her...


Would You Consider This Lying?

K.K. asks from Austin

My 15 year old daughter is supposed to make her lunch at night so it is ready to take the next morning. She had gotten into a bad habit of making it in the morning an...


Toddler Lying

C.P. asks from Charlotte

My son, who is three, has always been very truthful and we've always trusted his answers. Today was the first day he lied - and was sneaky about it. He was eating l...


15 Year Old Son

W.B. asks from Kansas City

Here is my ?? My son is a feshman at Truman High School this year (Independence School district) and he hasn't passed any of his classes so to try and get the credits...