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My Daughter Will Not Take a

B.S. asks from Los Angeles

My daughter is six months old and we have been trying (on and off) to get her to take a bottle since she was five weeks old. She is an amazing eater and is in the 90...


Sippy Cups!

A.H. asks from Cleveland

hello everyone! i have a nine month old baby girl and im afraid im not doing something right. she doesnt hold her own sippy cups up to her mouth, on her own, and i do...


I Got Ride of the Bottle, But...

A.M. asks from Seattle

hi I have a 14 months old boy Brandon and last weekend it was sunny and he didnt wanna take his bottle so I thought this might be a good time to get ride of the bottl...


Too Early for a Sippy Cup

S. asks from Chicago

I am on WIC (women and infant program) and the nurse (or assistant not sure exactly what she is) told me to start giving my 6 month old daughter juice. She told me to...


If I Get Rid of the Bottle Will She Get Enough?

C.M. asks from Kansas City

My question is 2 fold. My daughter is 11 months. We started giving her 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk at bedtime (8-10 oz) and formula the other times (4-6oz) when sh...


How Do I Get a Strickly Breast Fed Baby Take a Sippy Cup?

F.G. asks from Dallas

Ok my other two kids took the sippy cup pretty well by 10 months so when I took them off the bottle at 1 year they didn't care. But with my 10 month old she is only o...


Breastfeeding to Bottle HELP!

V.L. asks from Los Angeles

We have been trying to transition my daughter to a bottle (for when I go back to work) and it's not working. I'm really worried about my return to work and am gettin...


Taking Away the Pacifier, Bottle Etc.

B.B. asks from Jacksonville

Ok, I have 4 problems I need help with….pacifier, bottles, crib and diapers. My eldest in 2 ½ years old and has to have a bottle like her baby sister. She wears bi...


Seeking Help/tips on Bottle Breaking

M.S. asks from Huntington

As troublesome as it is for me to admit this, my daughter is 3 and still takes a bottle. It's been that of a security blanket for her and I can't seem to relieve her ...


Seeking Moms with Babys 18 Months Apart

K.K. asks from Pocatello

I just found out I am pregnant again! I feel so much joy. My little boy is 10.5 months old and so much fun. I was just wondering if I should still nurse him and be pr...