Jealousy & Deceit: Baby Bjorn

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A Little Jealous

M.R. asks from San Francisco

Just wanted to know if anyone has been in this situation before..Well I am a first time mother of a beautiful 5 month baby girl. I went back to work when she was 3 mo...


Recommendations on Baby Slings

J.G. asks from Dallas

I am considering getting a sling to use with my baby who is due in less than 2 months. I used the Baby Bjorn front carrier with my boys and it worked great. Does an...


Advice on Baby Wearing

A.H. asks from Phoenix

Hello ladies!! I'm currently pregnant with my 2nd child. After my 1st was born, I attempted using the Hot Sling and a DIY Moby Wrap. I never really felt comforta...


8 Week Old Infant Won't Sleep in Crib

S.M. asks from Madison

My 8 week old baby will not sleep in his crib. I'm having the most problems with getting him down for naps as he wants to sleep in the Baby Bjorn or while lying on s...


5-Month-old Hates Stroller

J.H. asks from Boston

I have a 5-month-old who absolutely hates his stroller. He used to like it, but he has now gotten too big for his snap-in seat, and I have to sit him facing out when ...


Best Sling

E.D. asks from Great Falls

I would like to get advice about the best sling out there. I do own a Maya-wrap which I don't find very "user-friendly". I have watched the video a thousand times and...


6 Week Old Will Not Nap During Day More than 30 Minutes.

M.M. asks from Charlotte

Our 6 week old baby girl recently (in the past two weeks or so) started only sleeping during the day for 30 minutes at a time. I exclusively breastfeed and keep her ...


Best Sling for Breastfeeding

L.T. asks from Boston

Hello Moms, I am wondering if any of you can recommend a sling that worked well for breastfeeding. I have heard many moms say that they are able to nurse while baby i...


Need Help Getting Baby to Sleep on Her Back

A.S. asks from Sacramento

Hello Mommies, I have a six week old little girl and am having trouble getting her to sleep on her back. She sleeps great in her car seat and will sleep for 2-3 hou...


Infant Gas

L.P. asks from Appleton

Does anybody have any suggestions to help with infant gas? I give my seven week old mylicon and try to watch what I eat (he's exclusively breastfed), but even if I ea...