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In Today's Times: Do You Save?

V.M. asks from Las Vegas

Hey moms, I am really curious how moms out there manage their budgets...what is a comfortable "leftover" amount after all bills are paid and money has been put awa...


Responsibility for Teenagers

J.L. asks from Springfield

I'm sure I'll get a variety of responses here, but Is it unfair to ask teenaged kids to help with laundry? I have four kids, I work, and my husband works. The kids ...


How Do You Approach Your Finances

J.G. asks from Chicago

I'm curious how people approach their financial planning/finances. As i see it, there are two main camps: the Dave Ramsey conservative approach and the "make your mon...


18 Year Old High School Senior Curfew and House Rules

D.E. asks from Washington DC

My 17 year daughter turns 18 next week. Wanted some input on what her curfew should be for school nights and weekends. She currently works part-time and is responsi...


In Law Problems

A.K. asks from Lexington

My inlaws have always been very helpful throughout me and my husbands 15 year marriage. Once she told me that money doesn't solve problems, but it makes life alot ea...


What Papers Did You Keep After Divorce?

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

I have a heap load of cr&p and need to get rid of some or most of it. I guess. IF YOU'VE BEEN THROUGH THE PROCESS OF DIVORCE, could you tell me what papers, if ...


Weight Lifting for My DS.

S.W. asks from Detroit

Hello All, My darling son just graduated middle school. This summer will be somewhat cobbled together with camps and activities, so signing him up for a regular g...


Someone from My Town Won the Lottery...

S.S. asks from Atlanta

holy toledo!! a woman in our town, won the Powerball lottery - the jackpot was $648Million dollars!! she's getting half...and taking the lump sum for about $120 Milli...


Invest or Pay Extra Towards Mortgage?

A.D. asks from Dallas

My mom just passed away and I am inheriting half of her investment account, it was divided up into different mutual funds earning her 1.9% and 3.2% interest. I found ...


Speech Therapist in Public School

B.R. asks from Columbus

My 3rd grader has been having problems with the -er sound. She usually makes it sound like -or. I've been told that kids usually outgrow it, but she hasn't so far. ...