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Keeping up with the Jones's

Does anyone else experience the pressure from other women who live out of their means just to keep up with the friends and neighbors around them,....? I've got an average life, average house, average vehicle, Etc. I'm paying my bills on time, and have very little cc debt. There are people in my life who comment if I have on shoes from target. A friend of mine of 8 years walks into a room with a new louis vitton or coach handbag every month, and flaunts it even though I know she doesn't have the money to buy those things. She pays her cell...


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Do You Have a Joint Checking Account with Your Husband?

I have been married for five years, and for the last year plus have been staying home with my son. Before I was a teacher, and I made my own salary, although it was less than my husband's. For years, he would say we were going to set up a joint account, but since I had my own money, I didn't push him. It was just one of the many things he never got around to. Usually his excuse was that he was shopping for a new bank. Now I have no money of my own (other than the modest amounts in my retirement accounts) and I constantly have to ask...


Saving My Marriage

i love my husband, we've been together for 5/6 years, with his 2 kids and my...