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Who Controls Your Finances?

Just curious, I was wondering how people handle their money. Does hubby play the bills and give wife an allotment Does wife control money and give hubby lunch and gas allowances do you actually sit down and do it together?? Do you have another way of doing it? HAve you had to change your budget due to the economy? I'm just finding now that i am a SAHM that I have more time and reasons to spend money but less money available. I don't like having to ASK for it all the time. I know situations will vary, but i'm wondering how much a...


Work from Home Ideas

After the holidays, my husband and I are a little strapped for cash and my...


Buying a Mattress

We need to purchase a new box spring and mattress set. I always hate the...


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Sam's Club Formula and Diapers

My mother in law and sister in law have a membership to sam's club and want to buy diapers from ther but i prefer Luvs and they said they do not sell them there they sell huggies, pampers and sam's brand. I do not like huggies adn was wondering about the sam's brand. Also formula i like the target brand has anyone had issues or concerns with the sam's brand of powdered formula.