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6 Year Old Terrified of Tornados

J.N. asks from Columbus

Hello mommies :) I have a 6 year old girl who is absolutely terrified of a tornado sucking us all up. She's had a fear of them since she was about 3-4 and the siren...


Build a for a 6 Year Old Girl????

M.M. asks from Detroit

Looking for a little feedback on Build A Bear…we have never been. My daughter turns 6 on the 21st of this month which is over Spring Break. I am looking for somet...


Responsibility for Teenagers

J.L. asks from Springfield

I'm sure I'll get a variety of responses here, but Is it unfair to ask teenaged kids to help with laundry? I have four kids, I work, and my husband works. The kids ...


Would like to Stay Home with My Newborn but Need Income

E. asks from Indianapolis

I just gave birth to my second son. After the birth of my first I didn't have to go back to work but this time I really need the income. Instead of going back to my o...


Does an One Know for Sure About the 7 Year Rule?

C.C. asks from Dallas

I was reading some of the responses to the question about the moms brother that had the credit card issue. My husband I really screwed up very young and we decided a...


When/how to Buy a Pony or Horse

M.B. asks from Houston

My eight year old daughter loves horses and riding. She takes lessons once a week, and I am eager to support her interest in all things equine. I was crazy about hors...


Wealthy Friend Can't Cook or Make a Bed

A.B. asks from New York

Hi All, i have a friend who was born in Europe to an incredibly wealthy family, housekeepers, grounds keepers, chefs, nannies etc. She married wealthy and moved t...


Husbands - Demanding Careers & Sahm's

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi ladies. Let me start this by saying my husband is wonderful. He's a fantastic father, and really appreciates me and the roll I play at the at home parent. He ...


How to Clean a Stinky Situation

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

So my 6 year old vomited on my 9 year olds bed. Of course he had to go to her bed which does not have the waterproof protective covering on it. Now we are left with ...


Savings Account for Kids

S.J. asks from St. Louis

I am sure this has been asked before so I apologize if it is a repeat, but I wasn't able to find what I wanted in past questions.... What age were your kids when y...