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Adoption with Current Debt

A.T. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are thinking about adopting. We have two children already, but would like to extend our family to at least four kids by adoption. However, we do ha...



S.B. asks from Columbus

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you guys if anyone knows anything about adopting. My husband and I have been talking about it, but I don't know were to start or wh...



V.B. asks from Houston

My husband and I want to adopt, but don't want to go through an agency and don't know where to start... need help!!



P.S. asks from Chicago

I have a girlfriend who can't have kids on her own in fact her husband left her because of that ($%U&&*!)She is single and after 40. She would love to adopt a child. ...



J.G. asks from San Antonio

Hi moms. I was wondering if anyone knows what all you have to go through and do do be able to adopt. I have 2 boys, but i am not able to have anymore kids, and we we...



M.K. asks from Chicago

My daughter is happy six years old girl and I started getting worry on How and When is the right time to tell her that she is adopted child?? thank you



K.M. asks from Little Rock

I would like to find anyone who has adopted or is in the process of adopting. I would also like to get the word out that we want to adopt. Please visit www.mcbrooma...


Adoption Agency, Home Study, Adoption Loan, Fees

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hello, Does anyone have a an adoption experience that they can share with me? My husband and I are interested in adopting and would like to hear from parents that...


Good Adoption Agency?

A.S. asks from Phoenix

We are considering adopting our next child and would like a suggestion on a good adoption agency around here. If you have any advice or your own adoption experience ...


Adoption Information--we Don't Know Where to Start!!

C.R. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone, My husband and I have two wonderful sons, but due to health reasons related to pregnancy and birth, I am unable to have any more biological childre...