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T.M. asks from Detroit

My husband and I are looking to adopt, and wondering if anybody knows of a good adoption agency. We are planning on adopting through the state. From what I have rea...



S.S. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, I needed some advice. My husband has a brother back in India, who does not have children and is having problems conceiving. We are married for almost ...



P.A. asks from Houston

My husband and I have a dilema. I am 43 abd he is 37. We have a 4 1/2 year old who we adore! However, we would both like to have another child. I have recently discov...



A.W. asks from Washington DC

Hi - I am looking for some advice and information on adoption. My husband and I have two wonderful (biological) kids, but I have always wanted a third. The other da...


International Adoption vs Domestic Adoption

H.J. asks from Spokane

Alot of people have their own opinion on adoption and whether its right or wrong to adopt from another country. My husband is in the military and it always saddens hi...


Donor Egg Vs. International Adoption Vs. Domestic Adoption

K.L. asks from Los Angeles

I am a 44 year old mother of two. We would very much like to add another baby to our family, but unfortunately I am too old. After much research, I find I am left w...


Adoption Agency vs Adoption Lawyer.

K.S. asks from Bloomington

I am new to the adoption process and would like input on your successful adoptions. Did you use an agency or a lawyer? Would you use them again? I am intereste...


Adoption Experiences

C.M. asks from Bismarck

We are already in our mid 30s but would still like a larger family; we have talked a little about adoption but don't know much about it. Seeking any info anyone coul...


Need a Ped. with Experience in International Adoption

C.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, All! I just found out that our pediatrician (who we LOVE!) is closing- she's going to work in Africa. Anyway- I need to find a new pediatrician by the end of...


Adoption - Where to Begin?

M.P. asks from Chicago

Hi, My husband and I have two beautiful children but would like to expand our family with one more. We would like to consider adoption this time. I know just abo...