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Abdominal Separation After Pregnancy

M.P. asks from Tampa

Hi Does anyone have any experience with Abdominal Separation after pregnancy? I've got it and I'm tired of being asked when my next kid is due. I've started exercisi...


Mom Wants to Terminate Pregnancy.

M.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms: I have a relative of mine who has 3 kids--her youngest is 8 mths old. She found out that she was was a mth or so pregnant. She is considering terminating ...


Ectopic/Tubal Pregnancy Symptoms

R.N. asks from Dallas

Hi mamas, I am needing some info on ectopic pregnancy symptoms. I would like to hear from women that have had one and can tell me personal symptoms with your ectopic ...


Itchy Feet During Pregnancy

K.D. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone dealt with itchy feet during pregnancy? Ever since I took the HPT, my feet have been itching like crazy, especially at night. I have mentioned this to my...


Advice on Pregnancy Screenings & Tests

A.M. asks from Chicago

I just found out I am pregnant after my second round of IVF. I went through 2 unsuccessful IUI's & 1 unsuccessful IVF & a year of accupuncture along with these treat...


Second Pregnancy Worries

A.D. asks from Pittsburgh

When I was pregnant with my daughter I was not that worried about all the things that could go wrong. With this pregnancy I am so worried about all kinds of different...


Plus Size Pregnancy-

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, I know that there are lots of opinions out there on plus size pregnancy-mostly negative. But I would like to hear from plus size moms who have had succe...


Progesterone Therapy During Pregnancy

J.L. asks from Seattle

I'm wondering if anyone has had progesterone therapy during pregnancy. My daughter was born 7 weeks premature, and it was suggested by my perinatologist that we try ...


Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

Hi to you all, this is my concern:I'm 43 yr old, I have children,I'm divorced. Had a tubal ligation in January 2007, supposedly tubes were cauterized. Extremely regu...


Zofran Use During Pregnancy

S. asks from Scranton

Hi Everyone: A few weeks ago I posted a question regarding ALL-THE-TIME MORNING SICKNESS; I asked everyone for some suggestions to help with this debilitating, depre...