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No Maternity Insurance

C.L. asks from Dallas

i am pregnant with my third chid and i am not able to work anymore. my husband gets dissability from the military and has school pay coming in. do you think it would ...


Help! I Just Found Out I'm Pregnant Again and I Have No Insurance

S.C. asks from Phoenix

I need advice right now in the worst way!! I currently have no health insurance because my family and I simply can't afford it. My son is on my fiance's but I had to ...


Financial Assistants for Working Mothers Without Insurance.

K. asks from Dallas

Can anyone recommend where I could go for assistance for doctor and hospital charges. I do not qualify for Medicaid and my insurance does not provide coverage for pr...


Need Affordable Health Insurance for Family of 3

K.R. asks from Phoenix

Hello! I recently quit my job to be a SAHM. I carried all the benefits, and although my husband's employer has health insurance, the plans and prices are terrible. ...


Looking for a Good OB on IHC Healthcare Insurance

J.J. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi Ladies, I'm about 20 weeks pregnant and unhappy with the OB I have been seeing. I have Select Health Insurance (not my fav.) which will allow me to see people ...


Pregnancy ?

M.L. asks from Houston

I have tender breasts, missed 2 months of periods, have unprotected sex on my fertile cycle, been vomiting and my pregnancy test is positive. COULD I BE PREGNANT?! ...


How Do You Really Feel About People Without Insurance?

G.W. asks from Dallas

Happy Saturday morning girls (and guys) :-) This question is really not political, it is personal. My 38 year old sister has all but been diagnosed with bladder ca...


Families W/ Individual Health Insurance

A.V. asks from Houston

Hello Moms, My husband will soon be taking a job, for about $10 more/hour. But, the employer does not offer a health insurance benefit. I am not sure the raise in p...


Help on Getting a Surgery Covered Out of Our Insurance Network

L.S. asks from Indianapolis

Hey all you moms who have had to have your babies go through a surgery. My dgt was born with DDH (hip dysplasia) and conservative treatments have failed and now she ...


Medical Insurance - Breaking the Bank with Denial of Claims

M.K. asks from Denver

I have never felt so backed into a corner. We just got word today that our medical insurance with Humana is being denied. I did not go in for cosmetic surgery - I h...