Insurance: The First Years

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Insurance Questions.

M.L. asks from Portland

hey M.. i was wondering who a good company was to go through to get health insurance for my husband and i. his work offers it but it is insanely expensive so we want ...


Pregnant Without Insurance

J.H. asks from Flagstaff

I just found out I am pregnant, well I think. I took a Dollar Store pregnancy test and the line showed up faint, but it was there so I think it means positive. I am g...


Advice on Having a Baby W/o Insurance

J.P. asks from Tampa

My husband and I are talking about having another child. There are a couple if issues. Starting over would be difficult, but could be managed. We don't have health in...


No Well Baby Coverage in Our Insurance

C.L. asks from Chicago

We had our first baby about 4 months ago and I quickly realized that our health insurance through my husband's work offers no well baby or immunization coverage. We h...


Pregnant with No Insurance

B.M. asks from Dallas

My husband and I just found out I'm pregnant a couple of days ago. This would be our first child. Does anybody know of a great obgyn that will accept a payment plan,...


Unplanned Pregnancy -- Very Scared and Nervous

J.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, I recently found out I was pregnant. I am on birth control as we had made the decision that we are content with two wonderful healthy children (with plans so...


Teenage Pregnancy

R.W. asks from Dallas

I just found out that my daughter, who is a senior in High School is pregnant, and I am an emotional roller coaster that I can not get to stop. My husband is schedul...


B6 For Nausea in Pregnancy?

C.B. asks from Cleveland

I am around 7 weeks, and for the last week or so I am nauseous ALL DAY> I never vomitt although I feel like I could any second. Smells are very intense, and the thoug...


Best Friend Pregnancy

S.S. asks from Binghamton

Hey there Mommas! My 'best' friend is pregnant, she's 23 years old and had only been with her boyfriend for 6 months before she got pregnant. Since my friend told me ...


It Is Really over $10,000 to Have a Baby?

C.F. asks from Salt Lake City

We are happy to have recently found out that after a miscarriage and a year of trying we are expecting #3! With our first two kids we had insurance and never thought...