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No Insurance for Pregnancy

S.D. asks from Indianapolis

Hi all :) My insurance won't cover my surprise pregnancy so I am looking in to options. Has anyone used the Maternity Card or a program like it? Any other suggesti...


Pregnancy Insurance

C.C. asks from Dallas

I just found out I'm pregnant. I was on the pill and everything. Our insurance does not cover pregnancy. I've heard that medicaid will pay for pregnancy no matter w...


Pregnancy with No Insurance

T.A. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone have any suggestions on what a person can do it they are pregnant and have now insurance? This person makes too much money to qualify for access $120 a mo...


No Insurance

L. asks from Dallas

Has anyone had the misfortune or know anyone who became pregnant and did not have insurance? I am in-between jobs and now believe I am pregnant. Does anyone have ...


Pregnancy and Insurance

E.S. asks from Houston

My sister just got insurance in October however it does not become effective until November 1. She is now 6 weeks late on her period. If she was pregnant would this ...


No Insurance

T.L. asks from Fresno

I have a friend that has irregular periods and has previously missed her period for six months without being pregnant. Her period has been absent for the past two mo...


Health Insurance

L.J. asks from San Diego

Hi ladies...I have a health insurance question that I'm hoping someone can help me with! I am about 19 weeks pregnant and we currently have an individual health insu...



K.B. asks from Sacramento

We are new to Sacramento just moved here about 2 months ago. Where we use to live (still in ca) they had a program for women without insurance to see their doctor onc...


Pregnancy and Changing My Deductible on Health Insurance - How Does This Work??!

S.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi, I'm currently about 4 weeks pregnant, and have only partial maternity care included in my health insurance. That means they only cover office visits and some lab ...


Health Insurance

T. asks from Dallas

My sister just found out she was pregnant w/ her first child due in June...not her first pregnancy (she had a miscarrage 6 years ago) The baby will have RH- blood ty...