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Stressful Pregnancy

P.T. asks from Portland

Hi mamas. I'm 35 and learned I was pregnant a few months ago and am/was in a very happy relationship of 3 years up until this point. We didn't plan to have kids and...


Secondary Infertilty - Advice and Support Needed!

C.W. asks from Chicago

Wondering if anyone can share their story or offer advice and support about secondary infertilty issues. We've been trying for another child and recently went throug...


Fetal Testing?

L.W. asks from Chicago

I was wondering what some of you older Moms think about doing fetal testing. I'm 40 years old, pregnant with my second child. (First is almost 4 yrs old). When I was ...


Seeking Free Baby Gear

L.C. asks from Detroit

Hi, I'm trying to be crazy-frugal in shopping for baby gear, because the less I spend on baby stuff we need, the fewer extra hours my husband has to work to allow me...


Lookin for Advice on Best Time to Have a Second Child

A.M. asks from Boston

just looking for advice/ opinion on when to have a second child, I had wanted to have them close together but that has not yet worked out, I have one child 15mo old ...


Question Re: Babysitting a Newborn

H.P. asks from Orlando

Hello! I am thinking about babysitting a friend/neighbor's newborn & wondered what you all think. When she goes back to work, her baby (boy) will be somewhere b/t 8...


Mother-In-Law Problems...

R.S. asks from Atlanta

I have had a problem w/ my mother-in-law since I first got pregnant. I love her to death as a person but when it comes to my son I don't even want her to be around hi...


Is It Possible to Have Postpartum This Late?

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

I seem to be having just the worst time coping... I"m very short with my son all the time and almost wish that I could give him up for adoption. I find myself just tr...


I Don't like My Sons Name

A.K. asks from Pocatello

That's right, I don't like the name we picked out for our son. I don't really have a question but I really just need to get this off my chest. I feel like a terrible ...